Gus Frederick

Personal Statement:

I am a multimedia artist specializing in moving imagery and instructional
technology. I consider myself an amateur historian focusing on the heritage
and history of my community, the Silverton Country, as well as the history
of multimedia technology and its impact on society.

Areas of Specialization:

Digital motion picture production, editing and animation. I am skilled in
all aspects of digital and analog graphic art, moving imagery and audio
techniques. I am especially interested in acoustic audio recording
techniques, late 19th century political cartoons and early motion picture
hard and software. I am also well versed in analog to digital conversion of
various media, including but not limited to Optical Character Recognition
(OCR), phonographic audio restoration, photographic scanning, and film
transfer. I am a frequent lecturer on a variety of topics, from antique
phonographics to Martian lava tube caves.

Professional Associations:

Northwest History Network

Selected Positions:

Coordinator - The Davenport Project
GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society - Board of Directors
CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination - Board of Directors
Silverton Planning Commission - Commissioner
Silverton Grange No. 748 - Lecturer


"Cartoons by Davenport" - Researcher and editor for this annotated edition
of Hearst cartoonist Homer Davenport's 1898 book
"Silverton" - Author/Compiler of Arcadia Publishing's book on Silverton for
their "Images of America" series

Contact Information:

Website and blog -
The Davenport Project -