Harry H. Stein

Professional Credentials:

B.A.      Antioch College in Government, 1959
M.A.     University of Minnesota in History, 1962
Ph.D.    University of Minnesota in History, 1965

Personal Statement:
Since 1979, I have been an independent scholar and historical consultant (mainly for law, engineering and business firms, including work as an expert witness). Before then, I was a college professor. I have written two corporate histories and other works. I am writing the history of The Oregonian. I have served as an officer or on boards and committees of various scholarly and other organizations, engaged in public speaking, and received a variety of grants and awards.

Areas of Specialization:
biography / business history / environmental history / historical research / historical writing / labor history /media history / Oregon / Pacific Northwest / photography / Portland / urban history

Professional Associations:
American Historical Association, Organization of American Historians, Oregon Historical Society, Northwest Independent Scholars Association (founding President)

Selected Projects and Publications:
  • Gus J. Solomon: Liberal Politics, Jews, and the Federal Courts (Portland: Oregon Historical Society Press, 2006)
  • Old Growth, New Directions: 150 Years of Pope & Talbot (Seattle: Documentary Books, 2003)
  • Pope Resources: Rooted in the Past, Growing For the Future (Seattle: Documentary Books, 2003)
  • With E. Kimbark MacColl, Merchants, Money and Power: The Portland Establishment, 1843-1913 (Portland: Georgian Press, 1988)
  • Single In Portland: Living Fully On Your Own (Portland: Historical-Media Services, 1983)
  • Salem: A Pictorial History of Oregon's Capital (Norfolk:  Donning Co., 1981); enlarged and expanded (1998)
  • With Kathleen Ryan and Mark Beach, Portland: A Pictorial History (Virginia Beach: Donning Co., 1980)
  • Co-edited with John M. Harrison, Muckraking: Past, Present and Future (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1973)
  • “The Oregonian,” “Henry L. Pittock” and “Gus J. Solomon” in The Oregon Encyclopedia http://www.oregonencyclopedia.org
  • “Law, Legal Practice and Lamar Tooze, Jr.,” Western Legal History (accepted for publication)
  • “Fighting for Aluminum and for Itself: The Bonneville Power Administration, 1939-1949,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 99 (Winter 2007/2008), 3-15
  • "Attorney Gus J. Solomon and DeJonge v. Oregon: Supporting Counsel and Landmark Constitutional Decisions,” Western Legal History 16 (Summer/Fall 2003), 119-134
  • "Apprenticing Reporters: Lincoln Steffens on The Evening Post," Historian 58 (Winter 1996), 367-382
  • "Building Cases with History," Oregon State Bar Bulletin 54 (April 1994), 18-19
  • "The Historian in the Law Office," National Paralegal Reporter 17 (Spring 1993), 34-35
  • "American Muckraking of Technology Since 1900," Journalism Quarterly 67 (Summer 1991), 401-409
  • With E. Kimbark MacColl, "Lifestyles of Portland's Early Rich and Famous," Portland Magazine 2 (Winter 1988-1989), 20-21, 38-40
  • With E. Kimbark MacColl, "The Economic Power of Portland's   Early Merchants, 1851-1861," Oregon Historical Quarterly 89 (Summer 1988), 117-156
  • "Historical Resources in the Pacific Northwest" in The Northwest Information Directory: A Guide to Unusual Sources and Special Collections, ed. Steve Johnson (Portland: Center for Urban Education, 1986)
  • With David Duniway, Spinning and Weaving Wool--The Men and Women of the Mill (Salem: Mission Mill Village, 1985)
  • With Kathleen Ryan and Mark Beach, Portland--A Pictorial Calendar, 1983 (Norfolk:  Donning Co., 1982)
  • "State Fair," Oregon Magazine 11 (August 1981), 39-42
  • "American Muckrakers and Muckraking: The 50-Year Scholarship," Journalism Quarterly 56 (Spring 1979), 9-17
  • "The Muckraking Book in America, 1946-1973," Journalism Quarterly 52 (Summer 1975), 297-303
  • "Lincoln Steffens and the Mexican Revolution," American Journal of Economics and Sociology 34 (April 1975), 197-212
  • With John M. Harrison, "Muckraking Journalism in Twentieth-Century America," in Muckraking: Past, Present and Future, eds. John M. Harrison and Harry H. Stein (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1973)
  • With John M. Harrison, "Muckraking: Present and Future," in Muckraking: Past, Present and Future, eds. John M. Harrison and Harry H. Stein (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1973)
  • "Theodore Roosevelt and the Press: Lincoln Steffens," Mid-America 54 (April 1972), 94-107
  • Lincoln Steffens: Interviewer," Journalism Quarterly 46 (Winter 1969), 727-736

Contact Information:
2826 N.E. Brazee Court
Portland, OR 97212