Sarah K. Loose

Professional Credentials:
  • BA in History from Yale University
  • MA in Oral History from Columbia University
Personal Statement:
I am an oral historian, community organizer and popular educator committed to furthering history and historical inquiry as a method for movement building and transformative social change.  I believe in supporting diverse communities and organizations to document, analyze, and learn from their own histories.

Areas of Specialization:
oral history, public history, rural Oregon, social movements, grassroots and community-based organizing, El Salvador, immigration
Professional Associations:
  • Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change
  • Oral History Association
Selected Projects and Publications:
Current Projects:
  • Network Founder and Co-Coordinator, Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change - Emerging network of oral historians, cultural workers, and community organizers who use oral history and narrative for social change and movement building.   
  • Project Coordinator, Roots & Wings Oral History Project, Rural Organizing Project- Community-based oral history project to collectively document, critically analyze, and publically disseminate the history of grassroots, progressive organizing in rural Oregon over the last twenty-five years.  
  • Independent Producer, La Historia: A Transnational Story of Salvadoran Community Organizing - Oral history and audio documentary project exploring the role of historical memory in the transnational organizing of a Virginia-based Salvadoran immigrant Hometown Association.  
  • Peter Kardas and Sarah K. Loose (eds.), The Making of a Popular Educator: The Journey of Beverly A. Brown.  Portland, OR: Jefferson Center, 2010.  
  • Sarah K. Loose with Juan Ayala Argueta, Ramon Alfaro Veliz, and Isidra Garcia Villalobos,Una Sistematización de la Educación Popular en el Cantón Santa Marta, Cabañas, El Salvador, 1978 – 2001.  San Salvador: ADES Santa Marta, 2003. 
Contact Information:
Sarah K. Loose